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Singer. Songwriter. Multi-instrumentalist. Started his career as a guitarist/vocalist of DIONYSOS, a two piece garage rock band in 1997. The band released an album recorded in studio, and a live album and appeared in a radio show Locals Only for Y107 station in Los Angeles, California. Recorded an album Space Available after the band broke up, in his room by himself played every instrument, and distributed cassette tapes to thrift stores and record shops in California. The album was released from a Detroit based independent label Twist Top Records in 1999. Signed by BMG Music Publishing, but none of the songs recorded for the deal were released. Released a more acoustic sounding album Sail On My Gal in 2006 and started singing by himself with a guitar. Released Transistor-EP assisted by a producer Takefumi Kawabe for the mixing process in 2007. "Dolphins"and few other songs were used as the background music for the promotional movies used on the BMW International website and for a trailor of Raiding Project, both directed by Roland Hagenberg. Released a self-titled album KOSMIC from his own label, Maimai Records in 2014. Formed a new band for the shows.